Icon "Saint George"

Icon "Saint George"

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    aint George lived in the time of the Roman emperor Diocletian (284-305). He had served in the imperial army. But from an early age he professed the faith of Christ. Because of his unwillingness to deny Christ and worship pagan idols, George was tortured and beheaded on April 23, 306.

    As part of the early martyrs, George is depicted as young, with curly hair and no beard. His cloak is always red. He often holds a spear or sword in his hand.

    A very popular icon becomes a scene from the biographies of St. George, where he rides a white horse and kills a dragon. It depicts one of the miracles of the martyr, which happened after his death. The miracle happened near the town of Virit, today's Beirut, not far from the town of Lida, where the body of the saint lay. Near the town there was a lake where a dragon lived. To appease the dragon, the citizens gave him one child every day. Finally it was the ruler's daughter's turn. As she approached the lake, St. George appeared on a white horse and killed the dragon. That is why in these scenes a tower with the princess in it is often seen in the background.

    In Bulgaria on May 6 we honor the memory of St. George. On this date the holiday of the Bulgarian Army is celebrated. In folk traditions, St. George's Day is one of the biggest holidays of the year and the biggest spring holiday. It marks the beginning of summer and the beginning of the new agricultural season. St. George is considered the lord of spring moisture and fertility, the patron saint of farmers and shepherds and flocks.

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