Mariana Kalacheva

Mariana Kalacheva

Debut in 1998 was an exhibition with drawings made in the technique of ink, lavis and dry brush on paper. Since 2005 I have been working with the oil techniques on canvas.

Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, living and working in France and currently in USA, being an artist for more than 25 years, I built imperceptibly a parallel world, intriguing and provoking me with endlessly interesting stories, personages and inspiring pictures of life.

The way I chose as a graphic artist, painter, designer, illustrator and art event organizer, led me to numerous personal and common art exhibitions, projects, international juried finals, nominations and awards.

I am a travelling artist with many faces, searching and keeping the balance between the rational and irrational beginning, physical and mind’s metamorphosis, flourishing in a variety of challenging shapes and colors.

The viewer of my paintings could linger, trying to discover hidden imagery, symbols and messages depending on his personal life experience, mood or view point.
I strive to observe and explore a new look into the “high art” of the world’s popular culture.
My usual art techniques are oil painting, acrylics or mixed technique by incorporating art materials from the reality and the daily life of the observer.
It is a mixture of light, images, pattern, texture, color, figuration, art nouveau, secession, abstraction, surrealism and naive deformation of the detail which often converts to a three dimensional space.
Multiplying layers of transparent varnishes and iridescent colors reflects richer and deeper on the general picture.
The typical foundation materials are organic handmade paper, dried flowers, oil and acrylics, scrap of old oil paints, Venetian plaster, ceramics, fabrics, structure pastes and sands. I sometimes finish the composition with golden leafs to emphasize the embellishment often interpreted as a piece of secession ornament.
I like the provocation with the contradicting structures like matt and glitter, simplicity and complicity, thinness and thickness of the shapes.
It accomplishes my perception for a completion of the composition.

The body of my work also evokes a reminiscent of Gaudi’s colorful architecture, Art Nouveau and Viennese Secession, Renaissance, pieces and artifacts from the Thracian epoch, where my roots come from and partial implements from the Roman period in Europe in the Late Antiquity.

The most arresting concept visuals in my paintings are the stylized mans and woman’s profiles and portraits, as well as the naive characters emerging from the colorful explosions bringing humoresque and unspeakable joy.

My paintings are owned by private collectors in USA, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Russia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Austria, Australia, France, Belgium, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, etc.