Vasily Kandinsky

Vasily Kandinsky

Vasily Kandinsky (Russian: Vasily Kandinsky) is a Russian artist and art theorist who worked mainly in Germany and France. Kandinsky is an expressionist and is proclaimed father of abstractionism. His first abstract works are watercolors [2]. It goes through three stages of its work:

I - Impression. A direct impression of the outside nature.

II - Improvisation. Spontaneous unconscious expression of internal processes. It sets the beginning of abstract expressionism.

III - Works composition. Formed by the inner state of the spirit. They are meticulously crafted after a long process of sketches, sketches and compositional decisions.

Basil originates and lives first in Munich and then in Russia, but due to the conditions of Russian communism - the censorship of the totalitarian regime - he is forced to emigrate. He first took a teaching career in Bauhaus in Germany and escaped in Paris after the end of the National Socialist school.